Experience the Service of SHABUYOSHI!

We serve the finest Grade A5 Japanese Black Wagyu Beef,
for a guaranteed juicy, tender dining experience.
Come enjoy the delicate,
melt-in-your-mouth richness of flavor that only premium wagyu cuts can provide.

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A Message from the Manager

Atsuo Uchiyama

SHABUYOSHI, from its location in Showa-cho, in the heart of Fukuyama City, works tirelessly to bring you the absolute finest shabu shabu made with Japanese Black Wagyu Beef, including rib-eye and premium sirloin cuts, in addition to a selection of quality seafood sourced from the neighboring Seto Inland Sea.
Come savor our painstakingly-selected ingredients alongside a glass of wine poured from our selection of premium Kenzo Estate bottles imported directly from Napa Valley, California; or, enjoy your meal with some delicious local Japanese sake produced right here in Hiroshima.
We desire to provide a degree of service and a dining experience second-to-none, in an environment where you can feel confident bringing your most distinguished guests.